The Different Types Of Sports Massages That You Could Opt For

Are you interested in using the services of sports massages, but are not sure what specific type of sports massage you are after? To hire the service that best suit your requirements you should take the time to learn more about the different types available. By making an informed decision you can get the most out of your sport massage experience. Here is a list of some of the common types of sports massages that you will be offered:

  • Pre-event: do you have a sports competition coming up soon where you have to be at the peak of your powers? Then by scheduling a pre-event sports massage 24 hours before the competition you can be get your body in a state that it needs to be in for you to perform optimally.
  • During the event: some sports massage services will travel with you to an event in order to maintain your body in optimal condition. This type of service is ideal if you are participating in a competition that takes more than a day, and you have injury concerns.
  • Post-event: after a grueling sporting event your body might be in a worn out state. To help it relax and reduce repair time you should seek out a sports massage service within 48 hours of completing the sporting event to get maximum benefit.
  • Maintenance: after having achieved a level of fitness that is advanced you need to keep your body well-maintained so that it does not get injured. By scheduling a weekly or twice a week sports message session you will greatly reduce the chances of receiving an injury, and get rid of any muscle tightness that has built up.
  • Injury prevention: some sports massages have the specific aim of injury prevention. These types of massages will concentrate on particular areas of your body that are prone to getting injured. For example, if you have had a hamstring injury in the past several times on the same leg then that hamstring will be worked on extensively. An injury prevention massage will be tailored to meet the specific needs of your body.
  • Injury rehabilitation: after receiving an injury, or if you have just recovered from one it is highly beneficial to seek the service of a sports massage. That's because they can help recover from injury faster, or reduce the chances of the same injury occurring again. It doesn't matter what type of injury you have suffered. It could be an ankle sprain, or the pulling of a muscle - a sports massage can accommodate all.

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