Chiropractic Migraine Management: Digital Pressure Treatment for Trigger Points

Migraines are less prevalent than headaches, but they still affect approximately 5% of males and 15% of females in Australia. When painkillers hardly make a dent on your migraines, it's time to look for other treatment methods. Many chiropractors recommend migraine management treatments that target specific trigger points. Trigger points are hyperirritable, small patches of muscles that can prompt spastic behavior throughout the muscles. Relieving tension harbored in these trigger points can reduce migraine symptoms. Among all of the treatment techniques available, digital pressure treatment is highly recommended among chiropractors.

What Is Digital Pressure Treatment?

Digital pressure treatment involves applying pressure to the trigger point using a finger or a thumb. When you have a migraine, the trigger points responsible are generally going to be in a knot. Relieving tension at the trigger point will help relieve migraine symptoms. Using this technique, the chiropractors apply pressure for several seconds to the trigger point until the muscle relaxes. If the trigger point was knotted before, it should completely disappear at this point.

In severe cases, the trigger point may be so stressed and knotted up that it will take the chiropractors several tries to relieve tension harbored in the area. Repeated treatments can help alleviate migraine symptoms for long periods of time.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Pressure Treatment?

Among all of the techniques available, digital pressure treatment is usually one of the most recommended options by chiropractors. This is because digital pressure treatment:

  • is extremely easy to perform once the trigger points causing the migraine are identified, as several trigger points may be causing the migraine symptoms at a time;
  • is the least invasive technique available, which means that you won't have to worry about recovery times, discomfort and other possible unwanted complications; and,
  • allows the chiropractors to receive immediate feedback on how the target muscle that is being worked on is responding, so that each treatment can be personalized to cater each patient and his or her situation.


If you experience migraines regularly and they are starting to affect your daily life, talk to professional chiropractors, like those at Advanced Chiropractic Clinic, and consider digital pressure treatment for migraine management. It may take several tries before the treatment provides long-term migraine relief. But if digital pressure treatment works for you, you can achieve immediate, but temporary relief until your next chiropractic session by leaning against a small rubber ball and using that to apply pressure to the affected trigger points.